GoScan Customers
City of Long Beach
County of Los Angeles
Fairfield Residential
Glidewell Laboratories
Government of Guam
Kaiser Permanente
Motivational Fulfillment
Ohio School Pictures
Olinger Group
Orange Unified School District
State of Alaska
State of Colorado
State of Connecticut
State of North Dakota
Transforming Local Communities
United States Marine Corps
University of Nevada, Reno
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A Leading Provider of Smart, Secure and
Simple Scanning Solutions

GoScan is a leading provider of smart, secure and simple scanning solutions for business, healthcare, education and government. GoScan enables organizations to capture data from paper sources and move that paper electronically where it is needed most.

Leverage GoScan to help automate your paper and electronic forms capture.

GoScan, Inc. produces innovative software for the capture and indexing of documents. Its GoScan software is designed to be easy-to-use and compatible with industry-leading technologies such as Microsoft's Sharepoint. The software addresses the issue of efficiently moving documents into Microsoft SharePoint and other electronic repositories which house vital company information.

GoScan is practical software for organizations of any size in any industry who want to reduce the amount of paper they need to manage, thereby enhancing productivity and significantly lowering operating costs. GoScan can be used on "every desktop, every day", providing users with a standard interface to capture and index paper and electronic documents and deposit them in a consistent format into their organization's electronic document repository.

GoScan is ultra simple to use, with just one big green button to press. Users require minimal training and hand-holding. GoScan also provides smart indexing with barcode and OCR recognition, "key from image" data entry capabilities, JPEG, TIFF and PDF output formats and output to software and databases from Microsoft, Oracle and IBM, including Microsoft SharePoint.

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