GoScan Customers
City of Long Beach
County of Los Angeles
Fairfield Residential
Glidewell Laboratories
Government of Guam
Kaiser Permanente
Motivational Fulfillment
Ohio School Pictures
Olinger Group
Orange Unified School District
State of Alaska
State of Colorado
State of Connecticut
State of North Dakota
Transforming Local Communities
United States Marine Corps
University of Nevada, Reno

GoScan Connects to Multiple Respositories

ConnectorsGoScan is the missing link between your paper and your database. Although your database is great at storing vital company information it lacks a way to scan documents. GoScan drives paper to your database through any image capture device.
  • Fast, secure, direct connection to applications from Microsoft, Oracle,Google and IBM.
  • Connect direct or via XML.
  • Stream XML with or without image files embedded.
  • Powerful database connections also work for auto populating index fields.
  • Call custom web methods with minimal setup.

Connect to Speed Indexing

Indexing must be easy enough for users of differing computer skills to use every day to index various documents. From a user perspective, indexing has to take place in as few steps as possible. For example, key in one field and hit the tab key. The other index fields are automatically populated. Then hit scan and verify that the scanned image matches the data on the screen. Then hit save. In just a few seconds, the user can scan and index a stack of documents.
connectorsOne of the ways to improve One of the ways to improve indexing operations in all the above cases is to utilize known data. In other words, a lookup. For example, if you know a person's social security number, you can access a database where you can retrieve their name. This gives you more data about the document than you started with, ensures accuracy by checking against a live database and reduces the number of barcodes required on a document or reduces the number of fields a user has to key in. GoScan provides sophisticated lookup capability that gives the IT professional the tools to ensure accuracy but makes it fast and easy for users to do their jobs..
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