GoScan Customers
City of Long Beach
County of Los Angeles
Fairfield Residential
Glidewell Laboratories
Government of Guam
Kaiser Permanente
Motivational Fulfillment
Ohio School Pictures
Olinger Group
Orange Unified School District
State of Alaska
State of Colorado
State of Connecticut
State of North Dakota
Transforming Local Communities
United States Marine Corps
University of Nevada, Reno
goscan desktop

Smart meets Simple

GoScan Desktop adds barcode recognition and connectivity to the simplicity of GoScan Lite. GoScan Desktop has no click charges, works with any TWAIN scanner and helps users easily drive images to Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, Google Search, any directory or FTP location.

GoScan Desktop can recognize barcodes within a stack of documents and then separate the documents into smaller files. This provides fast, accurate, automatic filing of documents without any human intervention. For example, assume you have 30 pages in a stack of documents that you need stored as 10 separate documents. You can create barcoded coversheets in any program and insert them into the stack where needed. You then scan the entire set of 40 pages using the GoScan software and your own scanner. GoScan looks at the images and automatically separates and saves the pages into 10 individual image files.

goscan coversheet

Create 10 bar coded coversheets
with Microsoft Word

goscan coversheets

Insert coversheets into stack of
30 documents

goscan scanner

Scan 40 pages with GoScan

goscan image files

GoScan automatically creates
10 image files

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