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Glidewell Laboratories
Government of Guam
Kaiser Permanente
Motivational Fulfillment
Ohio School Pictures
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United States Marine Corps
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scanning into sharepoint
GoScan is the missing link between your paper and SharePoint. If you need to put paper documents into SharePoint, you need GoScan. Although SharePoint is great at storing vital company information it lacks a way to scan documents. GoScan drives paper to SharePoint through any image capture device.
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Indexing into SharePoint

If you need fast, accurate indexing for SharePoint, you need GoScan. GoScan provides semi or fully automatic indexing of documents into SharePoint. Semi automatic indexing is accomplished via manual indexing assisted by a database connection. Fully automatic indexing is provided through full text OCR or bar code separator sheets.

Tight SharePoint Integration

  • Read and write column level data in SharePoint
  • Fast HTTP connection for scanning inside your firewall
  • Secure SharePoint web service connection for scanning outside your firewall
  • Authenticates users with SharePoint
  • Ensures target folders are valid SharePoint folders
  • Uses the SharePoint object and security model

Low Cost

GoScan's low cost per user pricing structure means you can empower all users to scan and index documents into SharePoint

GoScan Features

  • Royalty free (no per page or other ongoing costs)
  • Does not require a hardware key
  • Available in a private label version
  • Supports .pdf, .tif and .jpg images for import and export
  • Small footprint for a quick and easy install
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