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City of Long Beach
County of Los Angeles
Fairfield Residential
Glidewell Laboratories
Government of Guam
Kaiser Permanente
Motivational Fulfillment
Ohio School Pictures
Olinger Group
Orange Unified School District
State of Alaska
State of Colorado
State of Connecticut
State of North Dakota
Transforming Local Communities
United States Marine Corps
University of Nevada, Reno
goscan is smart

Automatic Document Classification

Technology has to be smart to be worthwhile. GoScan can recognize barcodes within a stack of documents and then separate the documents into smaller files. This provides fast, accurate automatic filing of documents without any human intervention. GoScan can also translate any document into a searchable PDF file using OCR technology.

GoScan Easily Connects To Multiple Repositories

GoScan is the missing link between your paper and your document library. Although your database is great at storing vital company information it lacks a way to scan documents. GoScan drives paper to your database through any image capture device.
  • Direct connection to applications from Microsoft, Oracle and IBM.
  • Read and write column level data in SharePoint and other applications.
  • Powerful database connections also work for auto populating index fields.
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