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GoScan works on every desktop, every day for large and small customers in
a number of industries.


An on-line document management company needed a "one-click" scanning solution. GoScan designed and implemented a system that was easy to use for consumers but provided sophisticated information to the back end storage system. Here are some of the system features:
  • Works with any consumer scanning device running the TWAIN interface
  • Scan program launched directly from an Internet browser
  • One click to scan documents
  • Secure transfer of images to remote database
  • Automatic indexing into remote database
  • Consumers have access to their stored images in minutes

Colleges & Universities

A major university needed a simple, affordable software program to drive images from multiple remote sites to a central office. GoScan drives the scanned images from the remote site to an FTP folder at the central office. Inexpensive, simple to install and easy to use. Students and teachers can use GoScan without any training.


If you've ever bought something on an infomercial from TV, someone had to ship it to you. One of the leading distribution/logistics companies in Southern California ships thousands of packages everyday from multiple warehouses. They get thousands of shipping documents every day and were manually filing each document. Documents are now scanned on copiers at each of the three warehouses. GoScan automatically picks up the images and automatically classifies each document and files it into the warehouse management system so employees and customers can access data in real time.


A major educational testing company needed a low cost remote scanning and scoring solution that could take scanned answer sheets and have results available in minutes. GoScan designed and implemented a system that could deliver test results to teachers within 60 seconds. Here are some of the system features:
  • Each school within a district purchased an MFP device for less than $500
  • The MFP device is used to print the tests and scan the tests
  • The MFP device prints tests from a remote server pre-populated with teacher and class information
  • The teacher enters the number of tests and presses "scan"
  • The remote scanning software sends the images and batch to a remote server for scoring
  • The scoring software automatically translates the images into data and scores the results
  • Teachers or administrators can access test results and test images within 60 seconds


How do you securely scan from hundreds of remote sites in case of emergency, with no training? The second largest public health system in the nation provides direct patient care and public health services to nearly 10 million county residents. The system is responsible for emergency medical care in case of a natural or man-made disaster. The health system required a way to securely scan millions of documents from hundreds of remote sites, without training end users in advance. GoScan met all of the project requirements:
  • Works with all existing scanning hardware
  • Can be pre-configured to automatically send images to a specific location
  • Requires users only to "press the green button"
  • Cost effective for staging at hundreds of locations


A major dental implant manufacturing company replaced their antiquated, home grown scanning system with GoScan. GoScan provides an easy to use interface to scan documents such as evaluation slips and work orders. After a QA process, the images will be delivered to the company's Microsoft Dynamics CRM system.


Think Marines can't be high tech? Think again. The USMC is using GoScan to read and automatically file barcoded documents. The documents have a variable number of barcodes and barcode types. GoScan automatically identifies the two barcodes they need and uses the values gleaned from the barcodes to name a .pdf file. Users can then go back and quickly find a page based on the filename.


A fast growing health care organization dedicated to providing care to seniors needed to be able to scan documents from multiple departments into SharePoint. They are using the manual indexing feature of GoScan to index faxes and other documents into SharePoint. GoScan will be installed at all desktops and remote clinics. Users open a .pdf file, key in 2 fields and then hit save. This sends the .pdf file with the right metadata to SharePoint where it is indexed.

Real Estate

One of the largest and most successful multifamily real estate operating companies in the U.S. offers a diversified product line including new construction of luxury apartment homes, university student housing, tax credit affordable housing properties, redeveloped apartment homes in urban and suburban infill neighborhoods, and for-sale condominium homes. They are active in 40 geographic markets and employ 2,500+ real estate professionals nationwide. GoScan is used to drive documents into their SharePoint system from remote sites and employees throughout the U.S.
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